Прием заявок (10.08.2017 - 22.10.2017)
Оценка номинантов (23.10.2017 - 17.12.2017)
Оглашение финалистов (18.12.2017 - 15.01.2018)
Церемония награждения победителей (19.02.2018)

Russian Hospitality Awards 2017 is delighted to announce a new, 25th nomination – “General Manager Of The Year”!

Each hotel can apply, no matter the number of rooms, geography and services. 
Hotels can announce themselves in 1 or in 2 of 24 nominations this year. 
We have paid respect to all your


Peroni is a unique family company from Russia. Their products are based on three principles: Natural, Tasty and Awesome.
The main company's product is a Peroni honey soufflé, which is not