1-TOUCH ("One Touch") is a Russian producer providing enterprises in the hospitality industry with a full range of disposables and cosmetic products.
High quality of products and service, a customized approach, concept and corporate identity distinguish the company on the market and make its offer unique.

The range of products includes cosmetics for rooms, spa, vanity kits, accessories and disposables. Accessories for hotels include dental care kits, shaving kits, vanity kits, sewing kits, shoe care kits and disposables such as slippers, towels, napkins, etc.
For five-star hotels and luxury rooms, 1-TOUCH makes premium quality cosmetics based on wild plant extracts, oils and proteins. For moist zones, the company offers cosmetic products in dispensers. SPATOUCH natural professional cosmetics have been developed for spa. Even the savviest travellers will appreciate exquisite fragrances and luxurious textures.

The company focuses on the quality of products and the highest customer service standards. All products are thoroughly tested and meet the hygienic requirements of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare, and the customers can brand the products taking into account individual requests and needs.
It is important for 1-TOUCH to make the business efficient, profitable and safe.

As the company has highly qualified experts in health legislation, it offers to its partners legal support for business and comprehensive solutions in the health and beauty industry related to hygiene and infection control in an enterprise, training of senior managers, workshops on methodology for the staff, and methodological materials for organizing successful work.