Very soon we will open a door of Russian Hospitality Awards, in creating an atmosphere of a cozy Russian house will help our long standing partner of the textile company "Elanna". Our partners have already kept surprising us with new technologies, daring designs, variety of fabrics, but the most attractive feature of the company is their loyalty to the old Russian traditions. Embroiderers of the company "Elanna" manually create jewelry needle laces, this technique was created 300 years ago.

The bed linen with unique embroidery and a lace, tablecloths, napkins are all characterized with elegant style, unique cut, design, unique combination of natural materials with light the original lace. This amazing features will make your hotel room cozy, beautiful, original, will fill it with special a charm based on the traditions of Russian hand masters, skilled embroidery. The unique Russian hand masters are the unique pride of the brand.

Today, the issue of ensuring the safety of guests and employees is one of the most important for owners of hotels of any type: for author's design small hotels and large chain hotels alike. To make your service unbeatable, it is necessary to protect guests against all possible threats and contingencies. The best option is to equip the hotel entrance with the technical means for inspection of persons, items and vehicles. "Sluzhba 7" offers special solutions tailored to each hotel project.

Tink Labs, a global leader in the field of innovative technologies for the hospitality industry, is entering the Russian market. The company's solution is presented in more than 1,000 hotels in 20 countries, with a total capacity of more than 120,000 rooms, and has already covered 70% of Hong Kong and Singapore markets. handy provides guests with an access to all services of the hotel and its partners at any time and from any point of the city, providing a customized service based on the analysis of their preferences and location.