Feedback in online systems earns the trust of potential customers. Due to this hotels work with the customers before and after their arrival. In 2012, the Purple service which allows better understanding of the customers and automation of marketing processes was founded in the UK.

Purple offers a cloud-based business solution for monetizing Wi-Fi for visitors of organizations and facilities of any size. Apart from identification of the visitors which is mandatory in the Russian Federation, the platform provides tools for analytics and marketing. The data are available online in a user's account at any time. Besides, Wi-Fi for visitors will become safe for families, for instance, as it restricts the access to undesirable websites.

The Purple service may be included in practically any infrastructure of Wi-Fi for visitors. Today Purple is rapidly increasing its presence in the world and has established its representative offices in more than 70 countries.

To clearly demonstrate the advantages of the service, we will take Palmira Business Club hotel as an example. In this hotel:

  • The number of foreign guests who have connected to Wi-Fi for visitors has increased by 37%;
  • The number of people revisiting the hotel has increased by 25%. The expected payback period of the system is three months;
  • The number of comments in the guestbook has increased by 320%.