Since its first hotel school was established in 1982, SEG has become a world-class hospitality education network. The Group owes its outstanding success to its focus on Swiss traditions and training excellence and an emphasis on the practical aspects of hotel management. Close ties with the big names in the hospitality business ensure that the Group’s curricula meet industry requirements.
SEG member schools are 100% Swiss-owned, ensuring that students receive a first-rate Swiss education. As a worldwide ambassador for best practices in Switzerland, SEG is held in high esteem in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Having been in the hospitality industry for more than 12 years now, I have always believed in improvement through positive reinforcement. It always worked for me and my teams. However, in the last four years in Russia I have not seen much of it. We always talk about what is bad; how unprofessional we are or how low the service level is.  We don’t tend to think about the law of attraction and the fact that negative attracts negative and becomes even more negative.

Dear Nominees and Partners of the Russian Hospitality Awards!
New Year – it is the time for summing up the results. Russian Hospitality Awards Team is proud that this year was launched the first National Award in the field of hospitality Russia - Russian Hospitality Awards! In February 2015 Award will announce the best hotels in Russia. The most professional hotel management in the country, the highest level of service, and the most teamwork hotel will be determined.